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We love helping patients achieve a natural, refreshed and rejuvenated look at our centre, but it’s equally important to maintain your healthy skin at home for long-lasting results!

We stock a range of medical-grade skin care solutions to help optimise your skin health, including cleansers, serums and sunscreens. See our full range at our centre!

SkinCeuticals Anti-Ageing Skin Care

SkinCeuticals’ science-backed formulas are rich in antioxidants and highly concentrated in potent active ingredients proven to penetrate optimally into your skin as part of a daily home care regime and to complement aesthetic procedures. Products correct signs of ageing, protect healthy skin, and prevent future damage.

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Dermarollers for Home Skin Needling

Dermarollers are the perfect take-home tool used in combination with aesthetic procedures, ideal for prepping your skin before treatments for ageing concerns, acne scarring and stretch marks, and optimising your skin’s ability to absorb topical serums.

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BiRetix Acne Skin Care Program

Your journey to clearer skin starts with a simple Biretix regime. Biretix features an advanced, clinically proven range of specialist products for acne-prone skin. The Biretix range features a four-stage regime to purify the skin, clear blemishes and blackheads, and leave your skin soft and smooth.

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Dermaceutic Targeted Skin Care

The Dermacosmetica range of medi-aesthetic peels and nourishing creams helps to maintain your skin health and keeps you feeling fabulous with products optimised for skin repair, skin regeneration and moisturisation. The products have a soothing and calming effect on your skin and help optimise your results!

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