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Introducing the HIFU non-surgical facelift

Want a facelift to reduce tired and sagging skin, but don't want to undergo surgery or needles?

Your skin FAQs answered!

It can be difficult knowing what skincare products or treatments work for you, let alone

3 tips to staying on top of pigmentation

The warmer season is upon us which means longer days outside, more sunshine and more, uh,

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How to maintain a healthy skin microbiome

A balanced microbiome is essential for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. The microbiome is one of the key things your Dermal Therapist or Doctor will keep in mind when tackling a range of..



How to rehydrate your dry winter skin

Our skin goes through a lot during winter. Some of the most common challenges during the cooler months are dryness, dehydration, dullness and redness, and it can be frustrating to overhaul your..




dry skin,


Skincare for all ages

What skincare should you be using for your skin? While we all have different skin types and concerns, there are a few common skincare tips for every age group.


Skin ageing,