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Introducing the HIFU non-surgical facelift

Want a facelift to reduce tired and sagging skin, but don't want to undergo surgery or needles?

Your skin FAQs answered!

It can be difficult knowing what skincare products or treatments work for you, let alone

3 tips to staying on top of pigmentation

The warmer season is upon us which means longer days outside, more sunshine and more, uh,

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‘Zoom face’: The cosmetic trend of 2021

Have you struggled with so-called ‘Zoom face’? That feeling when you see yourself on a video call and wonder if this is how you really look? Even adjusting the camera angle and the room’s lighting..


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Skin ageing,

skin rejuvenation

Let's talk about ageing eyes.

The eyes is one of those troublesome areas that plague us as we get older. From dark under-eye circles to puffiness and fine lines, the eyes can give away our age, stress levels and quality of..


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Skin ageing,


Liquid Gold Facelift

5 causes of under-eye problems and how to fix them

Are your under-eyes revealing how stressed or tired you are? Or – dare we say it – that you’re getting older? The skin around your eyes is 10 times thinner than the skin on your face. This –..


eye problems,

Skin ageing