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Can anti-wrinkle injections make you happier?

Posted by National Skin Repair Centres on Aug 6, 2020 2:03:16 PM

Can anti-wrinkle injections make you happier? People who receive anti-wrinkle injections report less symptoms of depression than patients undergoing different treatments for the same condition, according to a new study.

The study looked at what happened to nearly 40,000 patients after they received anti-wrinkle injections for a variety of health conditions.

For years, doctors have noticed that using anti-wrinkle injections for cosmetic reasons seems to ease depression in many patients. It was thought that reducing the appearance of frown lines in the forehead may help to reinforce positive emotions, but the new study found that this 'happiness phenomenon' still occurs regardless of where the product is injected.

Anti-wrinkle injections - made up of neurotoxins - are commonly used to ease wrinkles, migraines, muscle spasms, teeth grinding and excessive sweating.

The study compared symptoms of depression in people treated with anti-wrinkle injections versus people treated with other methods for the same conditions. It excluded people taking anti-depressants.

The research concluded that patients receiving the injections were overall happier and reported less symptoms of depression than their counterparts.

Clinical trials are now underway in the US to determine if anti-wrinkle injections are a suitable treatment for symptoms of depression, and how it actually works. It is possible that the neurotoxin is transported to parts of the central nervous system involved in mood and emotions.

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