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5 causes of under-eye problems and how to fix them

Posted by National Skin Repair Centres on Oct 6, 2020 3:07:21 PM

Are your under-eyes revealing how stressed or tired you are? Or – dare we say it – that you’re getting older? The skin around your eyes is 10 times thinner than the skin on your face. This – combined with the fact it’s a delicate spot – makes your eye area a bit harder to treat.

But when age and certain lifestyle factors do catch up with you, what can you do to treat your under-eyes? And what mistakes are you making today that could be contributing to sagging skin or dark under-eye circles? Let’s talk about that.


What might cause your under-eye problems

The skin around your eyes begins to thin and lose elasticity as the collagen is broken down over time. Age is the biggest contributing factor, but lifestyle factors like smoking, stress, too much caffeine, lack of sleep, dehydration, and pollutants can also have an impact.

The skin is already delicate and permeable around the eyes because we lack fat and muscle tissue around this area, but there are also less sebaceous glands around the outer corners of the eyes, which can deepen lines and wrinkles.

Many skincare products and skin treatments aren’t safe for use around the eyes, which means this area is often left behind and can become susceptible to dark circles, puffiness, lines, and dryness.


What you might be doing wrong

Sometimes we don't realise we’re doing more harm than good with our skincare habits. There are a few common traps people fall into when it comes to the eye area:

  1. Using the wrong products – Try to invest in quality products specially designed for the eye area and avoid using moisturisers and cleansers on your under-eyes.
  2. Incorrectly applying products – There are no oil glands around the eyes which means that applying products directly in this area can cause irritation. Apply products with gentle dabs from the inner edge to the outside of the eye, then work around to the brow and nose.
  3. Poor product removal – Avoid harsh cleaners and makeup remover, and instead aim for a pH balanced cleanser designed for the eyes. Always work inwards with light movements and avoid dragging the skin.
  4. Poor sleep – Getting quality sleep for seven to nine hours each night is vital for maintaining your skin health and avoiding puffiness and dark under-eye circles.
  5. Using blue light devices – If you spend time every day looking at a computer screen or smartphone, your eyes are taking in blue light which speeds up the ageing process and can cause dryness and sensitivity. Take time each day to relax your eyes and switch your devices off one hour before bedtime.


How we can treat your under-eyes

Don’t fret – treatments are available! (We said it was hard, not impossible!) Two amazing treatments include LED light therapy and PRP rejuvenation therapy. These treatments can help to erase under-eye circles, lift sagging skin, smooth wrinkles and lines, and reduce puffiness in the eye area.


If you would like to speak to a Skin Doctor or Skin Therapist about your skin concerns, please call us or book your appointment online.

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